Our greatest capital is experience.

Many doubts can come to the mind of the entrepreneur when he decides to start a business in the United States.

We have already walked that path in the past and it is what motivates us to help others to walk it successfully as well.

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What requirements do you need?

The United States is a country that doesn’t prevent the citizens of the world from opening businesses in their territory.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can set up a company in the United States,

without any particular requirement.

Choose what type of company

It’s not very difficult to define the correct company form if you have the right information. 

To help you decide, go to our INFORMATION section, there you will find the pros and cons of the types of company form available to you.

If you still have questions, please contact us for a free consultation.

Establishing the company

The right thing to do is to hire people who understand your needs.

We understand this perfectly since we have already been in the same situation.

Simply put, you can count on us to set up your business in the United States.

Hire an accountant

Selecting a tax professional can often be a nightmare.

We have professionals with many years of experience in the American tax sector.

When filing tax returns, never forget that those who cost less may eventually cost more.


Keeping a company’s accounts can be simple or complex, depending on the measures chosen during the accounting posting.

We simplify the work and adapt it to the situation so that it doesn’t get too complicated.

Open a bank account

We will make sure that you can open your bank account in the best possible way.


Virtual office

Having a virtual office is an “almost” indispensable service that every company made up of foreigners should have.

For example, the bank requires an address as a requirement to open your company’s bank account, which is solved by having the virtual office service with us.

Virtual telephone exchange

We offer you the possibility to have a telephone exchange with rotating lines in the United States on your mobile.

You can define your extensions, welcome message and answering machine as if you had a real telephone exchange.

All this with a number from the United States. Your customers and / or suppliers will never know where you are physically located.

Registration Agent

One of our services is to be your “Registration Agent”, all companies forming in the United States must have a “Registration Agent”.

We will provide you with this service.